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No Sales in progress right now. Just our everyday low prices which are lower than other stores Sale prices!

Here’s What You Get When You Shop at Kranson’s

Free alterations done by our in-house tailors. Clothes ready the next day if needed!

Free 1st Class Kranson’s Suit Bag. This is a piece of luggage that you’ll use over and over!

Free Professional Sizing. Our staff is the most experienced in the area and will put you in the right size and then get you Free Tailoring for a Perfect Fit!

Free Pressing of your New Clothes. We’ll make your new clothes look perfect before you leave!

Feel Secure in the Knowledge that you’ll never pay List Price at Kranson’s.

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Reasons to Shop at Kranson’s

Best Selection of Brand Name Dress Clothes for Men and Boys in the area!

Best Prices Every day! No need to wait for sales!

Biggest in Stock Selection Sizes of Men’s and Boy’s Dress Clothes in Northeast PA. Boys Suits/Sport Coats up to size 20 and Men’s up to size 72!

The only place with Short, Regular and Extra Long Suits and Sport Coats in stock. We can fit men up to 7’2 height!

The Only Place in Northeast PA with Portly/Executive Fit Suits & Sport Coats in stock.

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Kranson’s Clothes Garment Bag

If Your New Suit didn’t come in this bag you paid too much!

Funeral Suits in Stock

At Kranson’s we’re ready to help you during the difficult time. We’ve been helping families get ready for a proper funeral for many years now. We can fit the family and friends that are assisting, with suits on very short notice. We keep the type of suits you need on hand in black, navy and gray in sizes all the way to 72. We can tailor the suits the same day if you come in before 2 PM. Suits will also be pressed and ready to wear!

Formal Wear

At Kranson’s we specialize in fitting individuals, familiesand even organizations like the Knights of Columbus. We offer package deals including a tuxedo, shirt, bow tie, suspenders, cummerbund and white gloves. We also offer patent leather shoes. We offer attractive pricing when you plan in advance with us.

What Makes Kranson’s Different?

How many other Men’s Dress Clothing Stores have been around for 70 years? When you ask yourself why you realize that Kranson’s must be doing something well. In addition to offering low prices every day (Never Pay Retail at Kranson’s) we offer the following: We have a big selection of Men’s Long and Extra Long Sport Coats. We can fit men up to 7’ tall +. We have a big selection of Portly (Now called Executive Fit) Suits and Sport Coats. We have Dress Shirts up to 24” Neck Size and 38-39” sleeve length. We have Dress Slacks up to 60” waist size. We even have neck ties in regular and extra-long for tall guys in stock!