Everything you need to know about our Tailors

Kranson's Tailors.

Throughout its history Kranson Clothes had always made it a standard business practice to have tailors on staff so that the great clothes you have chosen fit you perfectly. This is almost a lost art and certainly not a service you will find anywhere else in Northeast PA. Our staff can mark your new clothes to be modified as needed and our tailors will make the changes and have your new clothes ready in a few days. Please allow more time in the busy holiday season.

We consider our tailors to be “Rock Stars” and our special weapon that makes Kranson different than all the other Men’s Clothing Shops. People are individuals and there is no way any off the rack suit, sport coat, shirt or slacks are going to fit perfectly. We offer free alternations done by the finest tailors in Northeast PA who pay great attention to detail to make you new clothes look great on you!

Full Tailor

Pops Gueye

Pops Gueye is from Senegal, in West Africa, where he attended school for Tailoring. He moved to Paris after high school and worked for fine stores tailoring Men’s and Woman’s clothing.

He moved to New York city and spent 16 years there before relocating to Wilkes-Barre. Pop’s can do any tailoring job and has even made custom clothes.

Mr Fix It

Dave Smith

Dave Smith is a longtime fixture at Kranson’s in spite of his boyish good looks. He started at the age of eight at the original store in the Heights Section of Wilkes-Barre. Following high school he spent the next 10 years in the Military before returning to area to rejoin Kranson’s. Dave is also an expert Tailor and like Pops, is great at telling what size a person is just by looking at them. Dave is the resident “Presser”, which means the garments get Dave’s special attention before we give them to the customer.

He is also the Mr Fix It man on site. So far, there isn’t much Dave has been unable to fix from sewing machines and building problems to car problems.

The point is that we can do what no other Men’s Clothing Store in Northeast PA can do:

We can sell you the finest Men’s & Boys Dress Clothes and make sure that they fit you perfectly.